Thursday, October 14, 2004

Southwark Samhain Ritual

More information on the Southwark Samhain ritual on Sunday 31st October. Avalon in London, an open, eclectic and very friendly group of pagans and sympathisers who perform ceremonies around the wheel of the year are gathering with the excellent Southwark Mysteries to perform a Samhein (or Halloween) ritual.

Halloween of Cross Bones Graveyard: Honouring the Outcast Dead

The Avalon in London and Southwark Mysteries Samhain ritual will be held on Sunday 31st October 2004 at The Ragged School, 47 Union Street, on the corner of Union Street and Redcross Way, Southwark, SE1 (close to Borough tube station) at 4pm for a 5pm entry after 5pm.

Avalon in London is an open group which welcomes those following any path or at any level of experience. We meet together to celebrate each festival in the Wheel of the Year and to connect to the Ancient Goddesses of the British Isles.

The Southwark Mysteries group works to bring a sense of belonging and community to the people of Southwark, and the surrounding areas, through ritual, plays, songs and creativity of all kinds.

4pm onwards - gather for Pumpkin soup communion and to make food offerings to the dead.

5pm - Avalon in London Samhain ritual for letting go and moving on.

6pm - Halloween of Cross Bones ritual conducted by John Constable aka John Crow Shaman - with songs and poems from The Southwark Mysteries channelling the Spirit of The Goose, The Goddess incarnate as a medieval prostitute, licensed by the Church to ply her trade within Southwark's 'Liberty of the Clink', yet buried in the unconsecrated Cross Bones graveyard.

This ancient graveyard, containing the graves of the forgotten prostitutes and paupers of The Liberty, was rediscovered during the building of the Jubilee line. Since that time local people have been campaigning for part of the land, now owned by Transport for London, to be rededicated as a memorial garden.
Our rituals will culminate in a candlelit procession to the graveyard to honour The Goose, the souls of the outcast dead, and the Crone Goddess who holds them in Her dark embrace. There will be Goose songs, incantations and a ceremony to release the spirits. Please bring offerings - such as totemic objects and images, petals to be sprinkled, or ribbons to tie to the gates...

If you wish to, please bring something to place on the altar which represents the Dark Goddess, or the time of Samhain, to you. This will be returned to you after the ritual. Please also bring a little food to share.

Dressing up encouraged!

We will be asking for a £5 (£3 unwaged) donation to cover costs.

For further information please phone Jacqui on 07711 515017, or John on 0207 402 1496 or email John. For updates and more rituals; join the Avalon in London this list.)

For directions to Redcross Way please see here.

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