Saturday, February 23, 2008

Madonna in Peckham

Madonna has recently directed a short film , Filth and Wisdom and according to one of the actors involved, some of it was filmed in Peckham.

Tim Wallers plays a sex worker catering to the horse fetish of an MP. The set for the brothel was 'a grim 1930s semi in Peckham, south London... It was M’s first day of directing and the tension was palpable. As I was yanked into my gimp mask, a bucket of feed was placed at my feet. “I want you to plunge your head in the bucket and come up with the feed all over your face,” M instructed. She assured me Mr Frisk would find this utterly orgasmic' (more here).

It seems that the house in question is on Peckham Park Road.

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