Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Prohibition in New Cross

British drinkers were lucky to avoid the prohibition period experienced across the pond, but there were those here who campaigned for something similar, with one leading anti-drink campaigner being based in New Cross. In 1910, the American Prohibition Yearbook reported that 'The National Prohibition Party of England is an aggressive force in British agitation. The President is Bert G. Baker, the Secretary HW Goldsmith, his address being 96, Gellatly Road, New Cross, SE. The official organ of the party is The Prohibitionist, now in its eleventh volume. From its press comes a constant succession of timely and telling leaflets and printed argument advocating the complete abolition of the manufacture as well as the sale of liquor in the British Empire'.

Number 96 Gellatly is directly opposite the pub - now called Skehans - no doubt a source of irritation to HW Goldsmith!

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