Saturday, June 27, 2009

Angular Records Spotify Playlists

At The Quietus, Joe D and Joe M from Angular Recording Corporation show off their impeccable taste, discussing the spotify playlists they have composed of the music that has influenced them.

As the article states: 'Estate agents and homeowners in a certain London postcode have much to thank Angular Records for. It was their label, Angular Records, that a few years ago put New Cross on the map with a series of legendary gigs and a terrific run of new, early singles and compilation tracks from the likes of The Long Blondes, Bloc Party and Art Brut'.

Naturally, I am sceptical of the notion that New X needed to be put on the map (it already was), but Angular certainly created a huge buzz about the 'New Cross Scene' via those nights at the Paradise Bar and elsewhere, and their 2003 New Cross compilation.

Like Factory Records, ARC give a number to everything they are involved in. The New Cross compilation was ARC002, but the very first ARC001 was a redecorated trig point on Hilly Fields, with the label's logo inspired by the design on the top.

The two Joes, ex-Goldsmiths students, were living locally when they started Angular (I remember Joe M worked for a while in Toads Mouth Too cafe in Brockley), but have since moved on. They certainly made an impact on New Cross, and indeed without them Transpontine probably wouldn't exist. It was going out to some of their gigs that got me excited enough about what was going on locally to want to document it. Indeed the second ever post at Transpontine, in October 2004, was about an Angular night at Goldsmiths.

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