Thursday, October 15, 2009

My Tiger My Timing

Londonist has an interview with New Cross band My Tiger My Timing, complete with a photo that appears to have been taken in Telegraph Hill Park. And indeed in the interview they recommend that people 'Go to the top of Telegraph Hill park and watch the sunset over London and then go down the road to the Montague Arms and have a drink with the skeletons and zebras there'.

I love this band and also love the fact that I share a postcode with an outfit cool enough to be named after an Arthur Russell track. I was fantasing over the summer about making it to the recent conference on the latter in New York, but maybe we could just have our own Arthur Russell festival in New Cross.

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Nigel said...

Thanks a lot for this post and others like it.
I really liked their music, and their myspace links to some other good london based bands too.
nice one :)