Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Telegraph Hill Skate Park Latest

Earlier in the summer, the streets, pubs and cafes of New Cross and Brockley were abuzz with arguments about the potential location of a skateboarding area in Telegraph Hill top park. At a packed public meeting, the general consensus amongst skaters and park lovers was that it would be better to try and locate it in Telegraph Hill Lower Park. Since then a Skate Park Working Group has met three times and has come up with a proposal, as this report from Skate Park Action Group explains:

'The Skate Park Working Group includes: local councillors, Skate Park Action Group, designers, Park Users Group, Save Our Park and other interested people.The proposal is to use the path area on one side of the basketball court (East) and a small section at either end of this.

The Skate Park Working Group had a site meeting in the Lower Telegraph Hill Park and looked at all of the possible spaces. The site we agreed was best was to use the strip of path along the top side of the basketball court with a piece opening out at either end of this. It would create a dog bone / telephone type shape. The site benefits from banking and planting which screens views and noise, as well as being a good distance from houses. The fact that there are already activities (basketball / football) in the area was also seen as a plus. There is a path on the other side of the ball court so it wouldn’t affect access. The space chosen was far enough away from trees not to create problems, although drainage will be a consideration for the groundworks'.

The proposal will be put to a public vote at the next Telegraph Hill Assembly on Tuesday 21st September 2010, 7:30pm at Haberdashers’ Askes’ Hatcham Road College ( Jerningham Road site - lower school).

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