Friday, October 08, 2010

A.L. Lloyd, Crooms Hill Balladeer

Further to the recent post on South East London folk music connections, a Transpontinian has been in touch to confirm that the great folk singer/collector/writer A.L. ('Bert') Lloyd lived and worked at 16 Croom's Hill in Greenwich from 1948 until his death in 1982. Not sure how involved Lloyd was in specifically SE London music making, but at one point he was involved in music sessions at the Richard I on Royal Hill - a pub that still sometimes resounds to folk music courtesy of occasional visits by Blackheath Morris and the Fowlers Troop.

The full story of Lloyd's life is the subject of a forthcoming biography written by Dave Arthur, but suffice it to say it includes sheep farming in Australia, the Communist Party, a key role in the 1950s folk revival, and collaborations with everyone from Ralph Vaughan Williams to Fairport Convention.

For a couple of years in the 1950s, the Lloyds had a lodger - the young Peggy Seeger.

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Mary said...

Wonderful! No idea about his life in Greenwich - I didn't live here then, but I did see him at Medway and elsewhere (hand in ear) (and with Ewan McColl). Still got some records. Must get the book.