Friday, May 20, 2011

You don't look at their faces

So you come home from the pub and watch loads of old videos on the TV and before you know it, inevitably, there's some footage of your favourite South East London dancehall -Brockley's Rivoli Ballroom.

The 1985 video for Tina Turner's Private Dancer doesn't quite do the song justice, especially the random young dancers. You know this song isn't really about dancing, don't you?! Actually a sad tale of the drudgery of sex work, penned by none other than sometime Deptford council tenant Mark Knopfler (of Dire Straits) 'Well the men come in these places, And the men are all the same, You don't look at their faces, And you don't ask their names, You don't think of them as human, You don't think of them at all, You keep your mind on the money, Keeping your eyes on the wall'.


Anonymous said...

Pity about the rather patronising link to this over on Brockley Central.

Cheer up, it may never happen. said...

What's patronising about it? At worse it indicates that the author would rather not watch '80s Tina turner videos. He linked, it gets seen. The worse that happened is a little gently ribbing.

A sense of humor helps the day go quicker I always find.

Transpontine said...

Must admit I didn't feel patronised - watching old pop videos is a legitimate target for teasing.

Of course whether BC truly appreciate the enormous cultural significance of a 1960s African-American Nutbush icon relaunching her career via Brockley with a song written by a Deptford musician is another matter - hope they don't feel too patronised ;-)