Monday, April 16, 2012

Music Monday: Skinny Lister

Skinny Lister were featured on Transpontine a couple of years ago, a South East London folky outfit playing out at places like the Birds Nest (Deptford), Jam Circus (Brockley) and the Ladywell Tavern (the latter a Brockley Central gig), Now they look set for bigger things, signing for Sunday Best records (run by East Dulwich resident Rob da Bank) and currently touring the States where they have played everywhere from SXSW in Austin, Texas to Los Angeles.

Their first single on Sunday Best was released last week, featuring two fine tracks. 'If the gaff don't let us down' is a Pogues-style singalong shanty,  described by  the band's Dan Gray as follows: 'This self penned Skinny ditty is about longing for and returning to "dear old Deptford town"' where we all met up and started to play music together'. Dan and the band have put together a nice playlist of London songs for Q, explaining: 'London is close to all our hearts. Having fled our home towns and villages for the draw of its bright lights and all its promises; the band met, lived and loved in this great city... London is what brought Skinny Lister together and it continues to inspire us in our song writing as it has inspired those before. Even after many years living in the city, its romance doesn't fade. On these rotten streets our best days have been spent.'

  'we'll sail away tomorrow, back to dear old Deptford Town'

'The Plough and Orion' is a beautiful romantic song with video to match.


Their debut album is due soon, and to celebrate their return from the USA they are playing a free gig this Wednesday at the The Ship in New Cavendish Street, on stage at 7 pm.

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