Monday, July 23, 2012

Music Monday: I'll Sail this Ship Alone

The Beautiful South were from Hull and proud, but seemingly for the video of their 1989 song 'I'll Sail this Ship Alone' they were compelled to head for the Beautiful South London locales of the Rivoli Ballroom and Lewisham Shopping Centre (and indeed Brighton seafront).

The Beautiful South in The Rivoli Ballroom, SE4

Lewisham Shopping Centre 1989 - sadly no sign of the Lost Figures of Lewisham,
but check out that Pelican bin
Sorry only copy of the video I could find is poor quality and out of sync, but you get the picture


Anonymous said...

Their Percussionist Gary Hammond was a regular at Dulwich Hamlet FC back in the late 90's. Even wearing a shirt on an episode of tfi friday.

TheSteve said...

I believe it was Eastbourne seafont, not Brighton...