Monday, August 06, 2012

Brockley Grove Street Art

This mural is outside Crofton Park Baptist Church in Brockley Grove SE4. I am guessing that it was painted as part of the commemorations for the 200th anniversary of the Slave Trade Act in 2007, as it is themed around slavery.

The mural was presumably commissioned by the Church, though it appears to criticise the hypocrisy of those Christians involved in the slave trade. The central figure says 'vote for Christian values' while behind his back a procession of slaves are led ashore from a ship (or is he supposed to be a William Wilberforce character urging the abolition of slavery in line with 'Christian values'?). The final panel says 'Slavery still exists in many forms', showing a child soldier, a prostitute, a sweatshop and a DVD seller.


Rev Carol Bostridge said...

Hi I am the Pastor of the church, our youth club designed it. First pic is Moses leading children of Israel out of slavery in Egypt. Second pics are Wilberforce whose faith inspired his anti-slavery campaign. Third pic illustrates slavery that still exists.

Transpontine said...

Thanks Carol, it's a thoughtful and well-executed piece.