Wednesday, January 30, 2013

You saved our lives, now we'll save yours

As health secretary Jeremy Hunt ponders whether to commit political hari-kari by approving a high profile closure of essential NHS services at Lewisham Hospital, a last minute musical intervention shows further evidence of how the threat to emergency and maternity services has united so many people with a common purpose to defend free healthcare in our local area.

Save Lewisham A&E is a great track by Lewisham rapper Question (aka Question Musiq) with the BBC-featured Lewisham NHS Choir, directed by Charles Bailey and video filmed by Chris Martin (not that one, who sadly hasn't yet taken to the streets with Gwyneth Paltrow to save Lewisham Hospital).

Some nices lines:

'You saved our lives now we'll save yours...

Lewisham I was born and raised
Where I spent most of my days
Indoor market Saturdays
I love this town, I love this place

Mum would always say
When she she was pregnant with me
And had difficulties
Had to rush to A& E

Pushing through your consultation, but we know our rights
Now we're marching cos we won't give up without a fight'

You can get all three mixes of it on iTunes.

With Hunt's decision due tomorrow, campaigners are preparing to either celebrate or fight on. If Hunt does decide to proceed with closure, many people will be heading straight down to Lewisham Hospital tomorrow at 6 pm to step it up - watch out on twitter etc. for updates.

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