Monday, June 09, 2014

Rebuilding the Albany in Deptford 1980

This photo shows the current Albany theatre building in Douglas Way, Deptford under construction. The building opened in 1981, so guessing this picture was taken in around 1980. Note the poster for a 'Dance and Defend Benefit' featuring The Tribesmen and Bobby Henry. The Dance and Defend tour took place in 1979 and was organised by Rock Against Racism to raise funds for people arrested in the anti-National Front protests in Southall in April of that year - where anti-fascist demonstrator Blair Peach was killed by the police.

The old Albany building at 47 Creek Road was damaged in a presumed fascist arson attack in 1978, though I believe that the main reason for moving buildings was that the old premises was facing demolition as a result of the widening of Creek Road near to the Church Street junction.

The old Albany in Creek Road in the 1970s
(photo from Art of Regeneration)

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