Friday, September 26, 2014

Private Widdle Social Club in Brockley

A night of 'comedy, music and alcohol in pleasant surroundings' this Saturday 27 September at Brockley Social Club (240 Brockley Road) with 'The Private Widdle Social Club': 'Malcolm Head and Trevor Lock will provide top line comedy, with dancing from Dolly Doowop, plus music and the legendary Amy Winehouse Memorial Meat Raffle! All this plus an open spot and the random moments that only happen at Private Widdle. Make this your Social Club Broccolites at an introductory membership offer of £7!'.  The Private Widdle Social Club started out in Deal in Kent, and is 'named after the character played by Charles Hawtrey, in the Carry On films. Hawtrey was Deal's most notorious resident: geriatric; drunk; depressed; foul-tempered; gutter-mouthed and gay as a yellow duster' (read the great 'All the Devils are Here' by David Seabrook for more on that). 

At their Facebook page they very helpfully provide a map of South London for people to find their way to Brockley 'it's between Boho types and here be dragons...', and not too far from 'People who like nice food live here'. The map is from Tom Phillips' Definitive Stereotype Map of Central London (Buzzfeed 2014): 

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Tamsin said...

Fun map but doesn't go quite far enough south. And it is lies about the Elephant and Castle - there is that gorgeous elephant there which I have loved for over 30 years. I was up close and personal with it the other day on the top deck of a 172 bus, but did not have a working camera with me.