Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Brixton Socialist Club at Canterbury Arms (1978)

The Canterbury Arms in Brixton is facing demolition, to be replaced with flats. Its great back room has seen some amazing nights, in particular in recent years the legendary indie pop club How Does it Feel?.

Found in a copy of the Leveller magazine (December 1977?) here's listings for the Brixton Socialist Club at said pub in January/February 1978. Acts performing there included folk singer Leon Rosselson, socialist feminist writer/historian Sheila Rowbotham and 7:84 Band (from the theatre company named from the statistic that 7% of the population owned 84% of the wealth). There was also a benefit for the club at Lambeth Town Hall featuring radical avant-rock band Henry Cow.

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clockwatcher said...

great venue, the most beautiful old bar in Brixton. So sad to see it (and so many others in south London) go. We used to run a night there called People's Republic Of Disco in the 00's, with slightly more drunken goals I have to admit. Back in the late 80's Kevin Martin (The Bug etc.) ran a Grindcore night there too.