Sunday, February 15, 2015

Poseurs record shop in Lewisham: 'spinners equivalent of Mecca' (1980s)

The British Record Shop Archive, who put on an excellent exhibition recently about the history of Peckham record shops, mentions a few Lewisham shops on its website:

- Chequers, Lee High Road - 1970s/80s.

- Nicholls Hi Fi, 432-434 Lee High Road, SE12 -1960s?

- Muzik City and Raw Power (1980s) - both in Lewisham model market, reggae singer Winston Groovy worked at the former.

- Diamond Records (1960s) - 199 Rushey Green - it had booths in to listen to the records.

One not mentioned there is Poseurs:

'Desparate disc jockeys have been converging on a shocking pink building in Lewisham... they've discovered the record spinners' equivalent of Mecca - a shop dealing solely in 12 inch dance singles dating back to 1970. Tiffany Lee, a former pirate radio DJ, set up Poseurs three months ago' (South London Press, 17 August 1984).

Anyone remember any more about it, or other local record shops?


Hedley said...

Chris Wellard's shop in New Cross which was on a small retail parade on the site of the Goldsmiths library (Lewisham Way side of the New Cross one way system)

Anonymous said...

As a Cub Scout (7th Deptford) I did a bob-a-job there. Cleared out the basement which was stuffed literally to the ceiling with cardboard boxes and corrugated cardboard. Took hours, all day if I recall, and he didn't pay much!

I lived in one of a small terrace of black brick 4 storey early Victorian houses at 26 Lewisham Way, a bit along from a Lovibonds off licence then on the corner opposite Goldsmith's. All knocked down to build the student accommodation block.
Next door in a detached 1900's villa lived Dr Sawh and his daughter.

Anonymous said...

Not only did I frequent Diamond Records during the listening booth years (late 60's, I'm guessing), I also recall them installing their 'headphone' stations, where you could listen out in the store.

In terms of other SE London record shops, there was a great one next door to the Lewisham Odeon (where I bough many David Bowie albums, such as Aladin Sane and Pin Ups), and my fondest memory of a record shop from 'back in the day' was the reggae shop (a.k.a. shed with a counter) in Lewisham Market, in the very early seventies.