Friday, January 15, 2016

Nunhead Reservoir: 'our secret place that apparently's not very secret'

As highlighted here before (see Whatever Happened to Nunhead Reservoir?) feelings are still running high about the closing off of the Nunhead Reservoir space, a semi-hidden green oasis overlooking London and now surrounded by a high barbed wire fence. 

There's now a Friends of Nunhead Reservoir facebook group and 1500 people have already signed a new petition, Open Nunhead Reservoir, which states:

'We want Thames Water to open Nunhead Reservoir to the public, so that everybody can enjoy the view and the open space. They can use some of the massive profit they make from their bill payers to supply bins and official entrances. Replant the trees they dug up and take down the ugly fence around the perimeter.

Nunhead Reservoir has one of the best views in South London. It has been a much loved picnicking spot, place to relax and hang out with friends for many years, and deserves to be officially opened so that everybody can enjoy it. London is being sold off piece by piece to private owners for private interests, let's not let them take this much loved green space along with it'.

It seems that the closure might be related to a Government/police initiative to secure critical infrastructure from possible terrorist attack. Though as is pointed out in the podcast the water supply is readily accessible from unguarded manhole covers all over London.

Rosanna Thompson at New Cross Commoners has posted a great podcast featuring people talking about Nunhead Reservoir, its history, future  and what it means to them - including a couple who went there on their first date.  People describe it 'our secret place that apparently's not very secret' and 'a magical place in the middle of South London'.

How it used to be...
(photo from set by Luke Szubert)

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Rick James said...

manhole covers are for access to sewage or rainwater, not potable water