Monday, August 14, 2017

Music Monday: from Versailles to Peckham Rye with Kele

'From the palace of Versailles
To the streets of Peckham Rye
You craved the dizziest of heights
But were caught out at the lights
The streets been talkin'

So starts Bloc Party singer Kele Okereke's new solo single 'The streets been talkin'. A new acoustic direction for Kele with an album to follow in October. Don't know what signfiicance Peckham holds for Kele, but he was recently interviewed in his 'new South London home', saying “I needed a change of scene. I couldn’t walk around Shoreditch without bumping into someone I knew. I was fed up with the grey and people vomiting in the streets. I wanted some green and some anonymity, to insulate myself from that world".  Welcome to the green and lovely transpontine streets!

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Anonymous said...

I think their first single was released on an Angular Records compilations who were based in New Cross and were formed by 2 ex-Goldsmiths students.