Monday, April 16, 2018

Music Monday: Novelist Guy

Brockley grime artist Novelist has an LP - Novelist Guy, released on his own MMMYEH Records label - and its great as expected. There's catchy anthems galore, politics (Stop Killing the Mandem), positivity and of course some blue borough love from the man who gave us Lewisham McDeez as part of The Square. 'Better Way' features the lines - 'Cos I’m a Southern G, South East that’s where I’m from and I walk with G.O.D., from Lewisham borough the colour is  B.L.U.E'. That track starts with a nice field recording of children playing with an  ice cream van chimes - kind of setting up a South London 'Summertime' vibe (as in Fresh Prince/Jazzy Jeff). Everyone will be poring over the lyrics but I love the beats and beeps too,  including on the opening and closing instrumental tracks.

There's a nice interview with him in  Time Out (16/4/2018)  where he talks about  growing up locally:

'You grew up in Brockley. What was it like living in south London as a kid?‘I used to spend a lot of time in Ladywell Fields and Hilly Fields parks. That’s where me and my boys would link up. We used to roller-skate around there and the borough. For those from south London, they’ll definitely know about the Lewisham skating days. I’ve got good memories of growing up there.’

Novelist confirms the lyrics on twitter

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