Friday, August 14, 2009

BUG in the London Paper

Brockley Ukulele Group's monthly Sunday Night Uke Box at the Amersham Arms got a mention in the London Paper yesterday (13 August) as one of the top '10 ukulele clubs and club nights in London'. The listing accompanied an article Time for anarchy in the ukulele which declared: 'Once the preserve of 50s comics and people called George (Formby, Harrison), the ukulele has long been regarded as a jokey bit of musical flotsam washed up from Blue Hawaii. But no more. These days the “bonsai” guitar is enjoying a boom, with iPhone apps, YouTube tutorials, club nights, and celebs from ­Kaiser Chiefs to Patrick Wolf lining up to applaud it'.

The next Uke Box at the Amersham Arms is scheduled for Sunday September 6th.

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