Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The only living video shop in New Cross

Video shops, like Record shops, seem to be gradually disappearing. Even their names suggest an earlier age, since 'video' shops no longer stock videos and vinyl is a minority line in many 'record' shops. There's just so much film on the internet, not to mention borrowing dvds from postal services like I Love Film, that actually walking down to a shop and picking one up can sometimes feel too much like hard work.

Still I do like browsing through the DVD cases, bumping into people and swapping recommendations and generally soaking up the world of film. Locally one of the few survivors is the excellent S+A Video Library at 301 New Cross Road (0208 691 9296), opposite the old Deptford Town Hall. It has a great selection of new, classic and foreign language films, and there always seems to be good music playing - The Smiths on my last visit. The great Homeview Brockley video store vanished in early 2007, now replaced by a bookies. So treasure this place - it might be use it or lose it. Why not start by cancelling your post/online dvd subscription, I bet you don't watch half of what comes through the door because you didn't spend the time to decide what you really wanted to watch.


BrockleyBiker said...

There does seem to be a strange gap in life these days. I wanted to watch a film the other but there were no video shops nearby. Nor would I have wanted to go them because they now seem really quite expensive. The future is of course digtial distribution. But that is far reaching maturity yet.

A bit like being able to record things off the tele. Very few people I know have replaced there VCR with something can record with. Yet no one has a VCR. So in that respect we have taken a step back.

The sooner everything can be done digitally the better. Or not. Because looking at the attempts of DD they don't seem to bother with the more esoteric stuff. So again a step forwards and a step back.

Anonymous said...

When I first moved to New Cross, in about 2004, I used to go to S&A all the time for their 5 videos, for 5 nights, for £5 deal.
Homeview was great too; complete with condescending looks from the staff whenever you chose anything too low-brow.