Friday, November 05, 2010

Top Ten Transpontine

Transpontine is officially the Best Dressed Chicken in Town. Or something like that.

As leaked earlier in the week by London Foodie, blog ranking site Wikio has created a new category of 'Top London Blogs' and Transpontine is in at number 10. The rankings are seemingly compiled on the basis of how often other sites link to your site, rather than number of visitors. So it's how much you're talked about that counts, rather than how much you're read. That obviously creates some distortion - clearly The Londonist (no.15) has a somewhat wider reach than Transpontine.

You have to take all this with a pinch of salt, especially as the number one site doesn't even seem to be a London blog at all - it's actually an architecture magazine. Good to see though that the South East London massive heavily is represented in the higher reaches - as well as Transpontine, 853 is at number 4, Brockley Central at no. 6, Blackheath Bugle at no.14 and Greenwich Phantom at no.17 (see what I did there? If we all link to each other we'll stay cruising the upper echelons of the chart). They do have the interweb in north London don't they? (OK there's a couple of Hackneyites in there). Actually taking the East/West rather than the North/South divide, it looks like West London is nowhere. Guess they don't need to stake a claim online - they already own the rest of us, or think they do.

Been said before, but 'you say South - we say run tings'.

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Anonymous said...

Cross linking is always a good idea. Congratulations too - a testament to the quality of the work published here.