Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Nunhead sings the Blues

In Nunhead the Sew Knit shop at 40 Nunhead Green is sadly missed, a shop from another age of wool, thread and buttons. In its place after a couple of years of semi-dereliction is a still closed building with pictures of Billie Holiday and Johnny Cash in the window. What's going on? Discussion at Nunhead Forum suggests it is being converted into some kind of music rooms/guitar workshop. All this and a new coffee shop due to open just a few doors down next to Sopers fish shop in the New Year.


Tamsin said...

It was a wonderful shop - a great range of haberdashery (where else could one hope to get embroidery hoops) and surreal service.

The sort of thing that is being killed by so much being now available on-line. Inevitable progress I suppose, but I'm glad to have known them.

. said...

There's certainly room for coffee and music shops along there, in fact there's still quite a few empty shops. But I wouldn't want Nunhead to become too much like Lordship Lane, all 'fancy goods'. You can't buy embroidery hoops there anymore but there's still some useful places like MKK, the great plumbers suppliers (very helpful even to people like me who barely know one end of a tap from another).