Saturday, March 26, 2011

Anti-cuts March: South London Contingent

Huge turn-out on today's anti-cuts March for the Alternative in London, estimates of up to 500,000 people on the streets: more than one in a hundred of the entire adult population of Britain on one demonstration.

Anti-cuts banner on Camberwell College of Arts

Sticker on a Camberwell cashpoint

The unofficial South London feeder march started out from Kennington Park, and by the time it had reached Westminster Bridge it was at least a couple of thousand people strong. The following pictures were all taken on the South London demo.

The giant Trojan Horse was a big hit - it was later burnt at Oxford Circus

Lewisham Pensioners Forum banner. Other local banners included Lambeth Teachers Association and South London Solidarity Federation.

The South London march crosses Westminster Bridge

More on the South London march at East London Lines.

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