Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Beware of Trees

Beware of Trees is a new blog by Matt Haynes, editor of Smoke magazine, which in a way paved the way for a certain kind of blog-like idiosyncratic writing about London, albeit on the printed page.

Matt is now based in Greenwich so the new blog promises 'an outsider's take on the mysterious world of the SE postcodes, centred on Greenwich but occasionally straying further afield into Charlton, Deptford and... beyond'. Early posts include one on the National Maritime Museum as 'a gallery of nothingness, a miscellany of despair'.

In a previous life, or rather earlier in this one, Matt was one of the people involved in famed late 80s socialist indie-pop label Sarah Records. I haven't knowingly met Matt, but have definitely been in the same room as him. I remember going to one of their nights in a pub in Kings Cross with The Field Mice, back in the days when I was hanging out at the Camden Falcon in a daze of Talulah Gosh and the Razorcuts. On which score, see:

- Twee as F*ck - Indie-pop at the Fountain in Deptford (now Noodle King)

- 2000 Troubled Teenagers - Belle & Sebastian fan night at the Paradise Bar (now Royal Albert).

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Matt (Beware of the Trees) said...

Thanks very much for the mention, and for the kind words! I still haven't quite got the hang of blogging - it's already over a week since the last post - but there should be another one later today, unless I end up watching the football. And socialist indie-pop… there's a concept! But then those were the days, of course, when we actually used to be able to get gigs for real bands at the New Cross Venue, rather than just tribute acts… hard to believe, I know. I'd also been trying to work out which building used to be the Fountain, and had a feeling it might be Noodle King… I don't know if noodles are worse than tribute bands in the great scheme of things… Matt