Thursday, September 29, 2011

Southern Fried London

As a vegetarian I don't tend to frequent chicken shops much, as a dog walker I curse them everytime my hound chokes on a bone left lying on the pavement by some late night poultry fiend. But hey, love them or hate them, they are undoubtedly a big part of the transpontine culinary and cultural landscape.

Enter Southern Fried London, a new blog on a mission to document the chicken shops of South London. Southern Fried Chicken in New Cross (Lewisham Way) has already been featured, along with others in Deptford Broadway and Greenwich.

Of course there's a punning connection between Southern as in the Southern states of the USA and Southern as in South London, but is there a deeper linkage than a shared taste for chicken? Cafe Crema have put on New Orleans, New Cross nights before, and Jools Holand has mused on South London as Britain's Mississippi delta. We just need a few alligators in Deptford Creek to complete the picture.

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Anonymous said...

In keeping with the Mississippi connection, Dr Feelgood used to refer to the Canvey Island surroundings as the "Thames Delta"