Saturday, December 10, 2011

James Bond in Deptford & New Cross

Film crews were out and about in New Cross and Deptford yesterday and last night, with various road closures. What were they up to? The clue was in the car being filmed - an Aston Martin DB5 of the kind featured in 1964 James Bond film Goldfinger.

Yes, they were filming the new James Bond movie Skyfall, and Daniel Craig was spotted behind the wheel. Judi Dench has also been spotted. Filming has been reported by the Sainsburys on New Cross Road, and on Childers Street/Arklow Road in Deptford. Seemingly the film crew are set up in the car park of the Den (Millwall FC).

Bond fan site MI6 has pictures and more detail. Looks like they are going for the gritty South London railway arch vibe. Filming is continuing so watch out over the weekend.

Update (2 November 2012): well I haven't seen the film yet, but people who have tell me that Bond and M drive along New Cross Road in an Aston Martin (yes you can see The Venue, New Cross Inn). And the Aston Martin is kept in a railway arch in Deptford, off Arklow Road - shown in trailer below.

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MJG said...

Saw Skyfall last night and can confirm New Cross / Deptford features - for all of five seconds! Was recognisable though.