Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Deptford High Street

'Deptford High Street' is a new site which does just what the name suggests in terms of coverage.

Deptford is already one of the best served parts of London for blogs, what with Deptford Dame, Crosswhatfields, Deptford Misc, Old Deptford History etc. (see links on right). But there's always plenty more to cover and Deptford High Street has already had some good in-depth posts such as an interview with Deptford Wives illustrator Mike Hall and an article about the Midi Music Company. I was quite jealous that they beat me to it with a piece on Jeremy Deller's Jerusalem film (recently featured in his exhibition at the Hayward Gallery), which includes footage of people dancing in Fordham Park at the 1993 Deptford Urban Free Festival.



scepticus said...

Is it me or does the Deptford High St website directly descend from The Guardian's?

Maria said...

There is also another site which helps to promote local business on the High Street. It has not had any real promotional push so it would be great if people could post their thoughts about the shops, market stalls they like on the site to help promote the local traders.

It also has information about what is going on around the local area while plugging into local bloggers links.