Thursday, May 24, 2012

Holland and Barrett Pickets

(look away if you want to maintain your illusion that a shop that sells vegetarian scotch eggs must be beyond criticism)

Last Saturday, the movement against workfare schemes (compulsory unpaid work for the unemployed) once again targeted Holland & Barrett stores locally, the company being a significant participant in the scheme. In protests called by South London Solidarity Federation, a group of people first picketed the Blackheath branch of the chain and then headed into Lewisham shopping centre where they briefly occupied the shop there before being removed by police and security (full report here).

A similar action on 31 March 2012 targeted the Catford branch of the store (pictured, from The Void).

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EleanorCS said...

Holland and Barrett really, really, really needs to leave workfare. To enable me to stop boycotting and stock up on some fake meat.