Friday, June 01, 2012

Hot Chip in Charlton House

The new video for Hot Chip's Night and Day was filmed in and around Charlton House, the Jacobean mansion built in the early 17th century and now owned by Greenwich Councl

The film was directed by Peter Serafinowicz (who among other things voiced Darth Maul in the later "Star Wars" films), and stars Terence Stamp,  model Lara Stone and comic/musician Reggie Watts.

Seemingly some kind of dance ritual in is going on in Charlton House, summoning space visitors. Unfortunately it all goes wrong and the spaceship crashes into a block of flats on Charlton Road.


nigel said...

As ever, thanks for the link/heads up.
Haven't laughed so much in ages :)

Bob said...

Interesting but fairly typical music video, random, meaningless images, that have no connection to the music, but hey PR wise it's a must have, and gosh a cameo by a big name actor