Thursday, June 21, 2012

Solstice Parade

The longest day was marked in New Cross for the second year running with a Summer Solstice parade around the Telegraph Hill area, with 50 or so people marching from the Telegraph Pub (Dennetts Road), up Arbuthnot, Erlanger, Sherwin and Pepys Roads, and through both bits of Telegraph Hill park.

Marching band in Pepys Road (somebody told me they were members of the Trans-Siberian March Band)

The marriage of the Garlick Man and the Old Nag. The latter costume was made at New Cross Learning (ex- New Cross Library) earlier in the day. The former takes its name from an old name for Telegraph Hill - Plow'd Garlick Hill.

The band on the parade were reinforced by a second band in the top park, with Les Zoings emerging from behind the tennis courts playing the old Italian partisan song Bella Ciao. Then musicians from the two bands joined together and people danced around in a circle. The Magic Roundabout theme tune and Brecht/Weil's Alabama Song also featured.

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Anonymous said...

good grief, what has become of telegraph hill? I moved away in 2000 (not far, but off the Hill)

I believe children are free to use the parks without moderation as well