Friday, September 14, 2012

Sound Clash at the Albany

Coming up at the Albany in Deptford on Saturday 22 September, 9pm - 6am:

'Three sound systems under one roof in a thunderous showcase celebrating 30 years of grassroots music from South East London. Featuring King Tubby's HiFi, Trevor Sax & Sax 3 and Unit 137 Sound. Hosted by Don Letts.

Local reggae sound system lovers, and those from further afield, will know the Albany’s corner of South East London as a crucially important area in the genesis of UK reggae sound systems.

To celebrate the history of sound system culture, Trinity brings together three hand-built sound systems and their crews. Sound System Social Club will see both veteran and brand new UK sound systems play under one roof and flex their muscles as they battle in a musical sound clash. The winner will be determined by the roar of the crowd...'

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