Monday, March 11, 2013

Born in Lewisham Hospital

Tens of thousands of people have been born in Lewisham Hospital, but the number being born there in the future will be radically reduced if the Government presses ahead with its plan to slash maternity and emergency services there. 

Here's a few Lewisham babies all grown up...

Sid Vicious, born Simon John Ritchie in Lewisham Hospital on 10 May 1957

Comedian Malcolm Hardee, born on 5 January 1950 in Lewisham Hospital

Bros - Matt and \Luke Goss were born in Lewisham in 1968.

Bill Wyman - Rolling Stone born in Lewisham Hospital in 1936

Louise Nurding/Redknapp (Eternal etc.) born in Lewisham Hospital in 1973.
Actor Sally Hawkins, born in Lewisham Hospital 1976

Alexander McQueen, born in Lewisham in 1969
(OK he was definitely born in Lewisham but  haven't established for certain that he was born in the hospital - though most children were born in hospital at that time - anyone confirm?)

This Saturday 16th March, Save Lewisham Hospital are inviting people born in the hospital, along with friends and family, to join hands around the hospital. Assemble from 2 pm in front of the hospital. There will be family events and music afterwards in Ladywell Fields.

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