Sunday, March 03, 2013

New Cross Question and Action

From indefatigable New Cross community activist James Holland:

"NX Q&A (Question and Action) is a group of local people who want to bring people of New Cross together to discuss and achieve an ambitious future for the area and address their immediate needs collectively

This is the continuation of a process that started with some discussion at the 2011 170 community project AGM where people were asked questions such as "whats missing in new cross?" and "whats good about the area?" and was then followed up by a series of events called 'how can we make new cross even better?' Some actions and ideas came out of that process, but many people need to have their say in order to make it an inclusive and democratic exercise.

We want to continue the conversation on these and other questions by taking it out to people (rather than relying on them coming to us) and bringing these people into a process that turns the results into actions, then continue to ask the questions to others, turn those answers in actions..etc .. ad infinitum.

This is not a dry academic survey or research, we don't really know whats going to happen but want to start and see what happens. However, one thing we are certain about is that it must lead to action that has real benefits for the people that get involved."

We need to think about how to do this (1 2 1, small groups, which questions to use, do we use the same questions for everyone, how to approach people, how long to do it for, how to record results). Please bring ideas for all this along to the next meeting Tues 5th march at New Cross Learning (especially question ideas).

A few current questions:

- What's missing in New Cross?
- What concerns do you have about the area?
- How can we make New Cross a better place?
- What do you most need right now?
- What is your ambitious vision?
- Can you think of one thing that would make a real difference to your life?
- How well do you think existing organisations and institutions designed to help you are doing ?
- Will you join with us to make it happen?"
- Will you ask these questions to other people?"

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