Sunday, July 28, 2013

New Cross Barclays Bank to Close

The Barclays bank at 197 New Cross Road is due to close on 27 September this year. The building dominates that end of New Cross Gate, where it has stood since around 1910. It was originally built for the London & South Western Bank.

Whatever you think of Barclays, or of banks in general, the fact is that people who rely on having to get to the bank will now have to travel further. This applies particularly to those without internet banking, including many old people, people who need to deposit cash, and those who would actually like to speak to another human face to face rather than negotiating their way through the closed loops of telephone banking.

The biggest impact on most people locally though will be the loss of two cash points. It's true there is another one set back from the road in the post office next door, but if that one's not working the nearest free cash points are at Sainsburys. And frankly when Sainsburys is closed who wants to walk through a big empty car park at night to use them?

I know that some people locally have written letters of complaint to Barclays, not sure it will do much good at this late stage, but if you wish to register your opposition you can write to: to Barclays Bank PLC, 1 Churchill Place, London, E14 5HP

No word yet on the future use of the building.

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Kev Mooney said...

There is a free ATM inside Londis now, although it's sometimes out of order.