Friday, September 27, 2013

Clarkshaws: Vegan Brewery in East Dulwich

Clarkshaws is 'a small independent microbrewery in East Dulwich. Our beers are created with a subtle blend of innovation, hard work, and the finest ingredients mixed with a dash of whimsy and serendipity, resulting in contemporary takes on classic British beer styles.We use only ingredients sourced from the UK, supporting local producers and reducing the 'beer miles' of all our products. Our process is designed to be vegetarian and we are London's first micro to produce all Vegetarian Society accredited products'.

When I was a vegan - sorry younger self I haven't lasted the course, though I do actually care for some animals now rather than just care about them in the abstract. I digress... when I first turned vegan, I didn't really know the ropes. In the back of a van heading off to some anarcho-punk squat gig I wondered why nobody wanted to share my cider. Then somebody took me aside and told me - it wasn't actually vegan or even vegetarian. I had no conception, and I guess most people don't, that drink may contain animal products. Fish products are routinely used to clear wine and beer, and some cider contains gelatin.

But yes in East Dulwich there is now a brewery that makes vegan beer and is Vegetarian Society approved. Seemingly approved by Southwark Vegans too, as on Sunday 29th September they are going to visit said brewery. You can tour the brewery any time between 12pm - 4pm complete with a beer sampling for £2.50 (includes a pint of beer).

The brewery is  at Unit 8, Tyrrell Trading Estate, Tyrrell Road, SE22 9NA.

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