Thursday, September 12, 2013

Hilly Fields Parkrun Birthday

This Saturday (9 am), Hilly Fields parkrun will be celebrating its first birthday. In the last 12 months, 887 different people have come to the park on a Saturday morning and run 5 km. The combined distance they have run is 17,640 km - which is further than from Hilly Fields to Sydney, Australia. Most weekends there are between 70 and 100 people taking part, plus a team of volunteers organising it. For the birthday celebrations there will be cake and prizes - and running the course around the park in the opposite direction to usual.

I've written here before about the wonders of parkrun - it's a free, accessible run (or walk if you want), and a great community event. For details of Hilly Fields parkrun, see the website. Weather forecast is that Saturday will be a day of sun in a week of rain, so get along and join in!

Photo from Hilly Fields parkrun flickr group

There are other parkruns in many other London parks (see map here). Last week a new one started in Southwark Park, getting off to a fine start with 150 people taking part (see report here).

For a round up of South London running, check out Go Feet.

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