Thursday, October 03, 2013

Deptford Anchor Saga: the next chapter

For the last twenty years or so there has been an anchor at the Broadway end of Deptford High Street, a nod to the area's maritime past (although actually it came from Chatham dockyard rather than Deptford). Famously it became the place to hang out for the area's street drinkers - then in April it suddenly disappeared as part of the redevelopment of  the High Street.

Photo from Ben Greville's remarkable series of photos of the Anchor
The anchor has ended up on the closed Convoys Wharf site - perhaps with  a view to it being used in the proposed development there. Rather strange, as that development  hasn't even got planning permission and hopefully will never happen in its current proposed form. Those who miss the old anchor have taken to drawing anchors where it once stood.

Meanwhile a replica anchor has been made and is currently residing in the Master Shipwrights House garden. It may well feature this coming Saturday 5th October when:

'Rediscovered Urban Rituals in collaboration with Deptford Is Forever present Give Us Back Our Blooming Anchor procession. Gathering Midday from the Dog and Bell, 116 Prince St. SE8 to the Arthouse Lewisham way Deptford High Street and Market (approx 12.45pm). Come follow the Anchor with its bearers and rough musicians and revel in the spectacle of this iconic Deptford Symbol on its journey back to its rightful place at the head of the high street and beyond'.

Deptford High Street 'Kids Love Ink' tattoo parlour will also be doing anchor tattoos on the day.

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Just. Hangsing said...

Deptford is Forever - Great campaign to bring the anchor back!!! Lewisham Council to listen to the people.