Monday, October 28, 2013

Music Mondays: Elephants and Castles

Elephants and Castles is a newish band made up of Robin Spencer, Christopher Anderson and Adam Lucas. The band, who played in New Cross at the Hill Station Cafe earlier this month, 'Met near the Elephant, became friends, became a band. Songs of, for, about, because... Concrete gems, hot air, medal-less martyrs, knee trembling, tv off, that goal against Liverpool, my dear tattoo, trunks and turrets...'.

Here's a demo of their song, Concrete Love, 'A nod to the architect Erno Goldfinger and his importance in some of the buildings round our way'.

Oh and hear they are performing it in the Elephant and Castle subway itself:

Listen to more on Soundcloud. There's also a song about Justin Fashanu.

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