Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Deptford Comment - 1970s newsletter

I've come across a couple of mentions of an early 1970s publication called 'Deptford Comment'. The following advert for it was published in underground paper International Times (April 9 1970, no.77): 'Policy to provide information and arouse concern about injustice, discrimination, apathy and neglect. Caring about what happens to ordinary people in Deptford. It is only because so many of us have swallowed the basic ethic of our society "look after yourself and never mind the rest" that we do not see the problems that affect our neighbours, old people, children and society generally, are our problems as well'

Its address was the Albany, then in its original location on Creek Road. The Directory of Alternative Periodicals in 1972 lists Jim Radford as the editor. Wonder if that's the same Jim Radford who sings sea shanties, and who was a merchant seaman in the Second World War?

If anyone knows any more, or even has any copies of this publication, please get in touch (transpontine@btinternet.com)


Bill Ellson said...

Not previously heard of the publication, but very much sounds like the same Jim Radford.

Sarah Crofts said...

Jim's friend Paul Gross says that Jim Radford instituted this publication at the Albany. You will probably know that Jiim Radfrod, Paul and many others were also involved with the Lewisham Squatters which they ran from the old Albany.

Transpontine said...

Thanks Sarah, must do some proper oral history interviews with some of these 1970s Deptfordites soon