Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Lewisham Pensioners Forum Big Book Clearance Sale

From Lewisham Pensioners Forum:

'The six monthly Lewisham Pensioners Forum Big Book Sale has come round again.  And this time it's even more of a bargain bonanza. With donations from our elderly members (so we get in really quite interesting stuff) outstripping sales we need to do a massive clearance.  So rather than the usual five paperbacks for £1 and hardbacks 50p to £2, we're offering bags of paperbacks or hardbacks for £2 and £4 respectively, and you can fill as many as you want of supermarket fruit/veg. boxes with the same for £5 (paperbacks) or £10 (hardbacks) each.

If you've an Amazon account - come and stock up - likewise if you're geared up to e-bay sales.
If you've connections to any library - just think how far a budget of even only £30 would go.
For anyone in the least bit tempted by books it's an event not to be missed.
There is unrestricted parking in the area at weekends and vehicle access to the very doors of the Saville for ease of loading'.


Tamsin said...

The greater part of what we didn’t sell (and regrettably that was about 80% of it – people didn’t turn up to buy in bulk and in boxes) has gone back down into the cellar but we have kept some topics out on shelves and accessible crates:

•Natural history (some of it)

•British Topography & travel



•Military history/Warfare


•Hobbies and Flower Arranging

•And another crate that looks a bit random

If anyone wants to call by sometime to check these out you would be most welcome. (Just arrange first by phoning 020 8690 7869 as we are not necessarily in all of the time and clashing with the bingo must be avoided at almost all costs!)

What we intend to do (since we really want to be able to say with the next sale in June that it is “all new stock”) is to keep these available for a few weeks, then dispose of them (does anyone know anywhere that takes books in bulk, preferably not to pulp them all straight away..?) and bring up another lot for people to pick over.

So watch this thread until the subject matter (or author) that interests you gets listed.

Tamsin said...

An update: these ones will be going west of the sunset (not sure where or how) after Tuesday 11th November, but I will on that day be bringing up another dozen or so boxes from the Cellar. So if interested people want to call by then there will be a double selection to look at. Just make it before 1.30 or between 4pm and 6.30 as there is another group in during the afternoon and the building is shut, locked and alarmed in the evenings.

Tamsin said...

Just to say that I have now got the next twenty boxes up and (mostly) out on the shelves for viewing – which include,

•what I hope is the last of the Natural History (mainly large and pictorial),
•travel (mainly Guides to all sorts of places),
•two shelves of sport (biography, quizzes, albums – a general mix),
•a shelf of “women’s issues and writing”,
•a shelf or so of alternative therapies, first aid and self help (with more to come),
•more Film, TV and music,
• a shelf of law (no practical use, but some old and interesting, and 8” of beautiful black and gold binding – Halsbury’s Statutory Instruments),
•a shelf of foreign language grammars and dictionaries (who could resist “501 Russian Verbs fully conjugated”? but seriously some of the Spanish and French could be useful),
•a box of foreign language books (again a real mix),
•some vintage (i.e. pre 1950s) fiction, and
•a couple of boxes of “humour” (jokes, cartoons and Jeremy Clarkson).
Anyone interested can come by the Saville Centre (a couple of blocks south of the Hospital) to check them out. Just please phone (020 8690 7869) first to make an appointment and to ensure that someone will be in. And (within reason) I will consider delivery. Free to a good home (any home) but donations would be accepted - the original events from which they are left over were fundraisers and Lewisham Pensioners Forum is a local charity