Thursday, October 02, 2014

Deptford Fun Palaces

Fun Palaces is a  'celebration of arts, sciences and culture' taking place at venues around the country this weekend (4th and 5th October). Based on the premise of 'Everyone an Artist, Everyone a Scientist' the idea was first concieved of by Joan Littlewright in the 1960s. As mentioned here before, Littlewood was born in Clapham a hundred years ago this week, and lived for part of her life in Blackheath

As part of Deptford Fun Palaces there's loads of free events happening at venues across the area, most of them on Sunday 5th, including:

- the Make Believe Arts Giant Science Playground by Deptford Lounge;
- Teatro Vivo present - Grimms’ Collecting Agency- shared stories;
-  Hunt & Darton Food Fight in the  Albany Garden;
-  Dean Blunkell, Fibonacci Divine Principal, Goldsmiths, Sunday 12.15pm & 13.15pm: 'The performance starts with performers appearing and encouraging the audience to view the architecture, apprentices begin to place models of baroque style buildings while other performers mark out on the floor Fibonacci plans gradually a model cityscape is created under the direction of the architect. At the end the ensemble all dance the Fibonacci, created especially for the performance;

Fun Palaces Co-Director and Author Stella Duffy by the Deptford Lounge
(Tom Parker Photography)
- Khiyo - Market Square, Sunday Midday & 1pm - 'a London band that gives Bengali heritage music a modern, fresh sound. Its radical interpretations draw from rock, folk, and Indian and Western classical music. Khiyo';
- Stefano Di Renzo 'Hold O'n, Giffin Square, Sunday 1.30pm -  'a circus theatre show using slack rope as the base of the theatrical language, exploring the relationship between a man and the system that governs his life';
- Cirque Bijou and Nutkhut Source, Market Square, Sunday 3pm- 'When London’s sewers and underground system were first created, six tunnellers were sent underground in a secret mission to find and save the sources of London’s rivers before they became buried forever. Now, 158 years later, during building works for London’s new super-sewer, these curious long-forgotten tunnellers emerge, travelling with their giant mobile water-spurting laboratory in a burst of song, dance and acrobatic displays.  Cirque Bijou and Nutkhut invite the people of Deptford to join them as they seek the Source, in a mobile, free, outdoor show for all the family.
- Deptford Community Party, The Albany, Sunday from 4pm - 'A Bring-What-You-Can Party for all the community with live music and performance'

Map and full listing here

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