Monday, February 24, 2020

Music Monday: King Krule on Peckham Rye with his pants down

The new King Krule album 'Man Alive' is out,  Archy Marshall has come a long way since hanging out on Deptford rooftops when first mentioned at Transpontine in 2013. He's playing Brixton Academy soon, though he did a more intimate gig at DIY Space for London (Ormside Road SE15) last week to raise money for the Blackheath tea hut, demolished when hit by a car recently.

South East London locations often get referenced in his songs and videos, as discussed here in relation to his 2017 album The OOZ. Peckham Rye featured on his 2015 side project 'A new place 2 drown' with his brother's photograph of a bench on the Rye gracing the cover.

The new album includes the track 'Comet Face' which starts of 'Woke up, Peckham Rye at half five,
Boy on the ground with his pants down,What happened to him in his past life?'. Great track that strangely put me in mind of The Pixies.

Update August 2020:

Comet Face has now been released as a single with a video filmed - of course - on Peckham Rye at night. It has a kind of Hound of the Baskervilles/werewolf plot in which the action switches between the present day and Victorians hunting a wild dog/wolf on the Rye, with Archy waking up on a Peckham Rye park bench.