Thursday, November 24, 2022

New record shops in New Cross and Camberwell

Not one but two new record shops in the area...

Planet Wax at 318 New Cross Road, next to the New Cross House, is not technically new. It was previously in Deptford Market Yard but has relocated. As well as a record shop specializing in jungle/garage/dubstep/techno/electro etc it has a dubplate studio and a bar. As such it will be hosting regular events including tomorrow night (Friday 25th November 2022) South London producer/DJ Controlled Weirdness.

After becoming a promising place to hang out Deptford Market Yard is looking a bit empty at that end. Aaja music bar has also gone, currently operating next to the Birds Nest. As the new flats nearby fill up a few residents have taken to complaining about the noise - I don't know where they thought they were moving to - making it inhospitable to Deptford nightlife.

Meanwhile in Camberwell 'Dash the Henge' has opened on the site of the longstanding and much loved Rat Records (348 Camberwell New Road). An eclectic selection of old and new vinyl plus live music events - Dash the Henge is also a record label.

Aloha Dead live in store on 26th Nov 2022


Sunday, November 13, 2022

Telegraph at the Early of Derby closed - open mic has moved

The Telegraph at the Earl of Derby pub in Dennett's Road SE14 is on the market for sale or rent after it was closed suddenly by its owners in August this year.  The pub has been through several changes of management over the last few years and its future now looks uncertain. 

The pub has had some popular nights including Phil Nice's pub quiz - now relocated to the Old Library Bar at the Music Room in New Cross Road - and Archie Shuttler's Open Mic night. The latter is being relaunched on 17th November 2022 at the Old Nun's Head.

 Here's a few moments from what turned out to be the last open mic at the Telegraph on 18 August 2022. Hopefully the pub will be revived and there will be more nights there in future.

Thursday, November 10, 2022

Millwall Mapped - exactly where was the Old Den?

In 1993, Millwall FC moved from the Old Den in New Cross to the New Den not far away to the north of Surrey Canal Road. The ground was demolished and housing replaced it. Thanks to the wonders of the National Library of Scotland's  map collection it is possible to show the precise location by overlaying an old map on a current street plan (use the site's 'transparency of overlay' feature). 

As you can see, John Williams Close now occupies the stadium's former whereabouts. You can work out easily enough where the goalmouths were too - the Cold Blow Lane end by Bannister House and at the Ilderton Road end by Gasson House. 

Tuesday, November 01, 2022

Autumn in Telegraph Hill Park

Autumn has finally come, a cherry tree down in Telegraph Hill upper park (Kitto Road SE14) in a storm last week. Some suggested struck by lightning in a storm, others that the wind alone did the damage.

Twilight skyline watchers