Thursday, November 24, 2022

New record shops in New Cross and Camberwell

Not one but two new record shops in the area...

Planet Wax at 318 New Cross Road, next to the New Cross House, is not technically new. It was previously in Deptford Market Yard but has relocated. As well as a record shop specializing in jungle/garage/dubstep/techno/electro etc it has a dubplate studio and a bar. As such it will be hosting regular events including tomorrow night (Friday 25th November 2022) South London producer/DJ Controlled Weirdness.

After becoming a promising place to hang out Deptford Market Yard is looking a bit empty at that end. Aaja music bar has also gone, currently operating next to the Birds Nest. As the new flats nearby fill up a few residents have taken to complaining about the noise - I don't know where they thought they were moving to - making it inhospitable to Deptford nightlife.

Meanwhile in Camberwell 'Dash the Henge' has opened on the site of the longstanding and much loved Rat Records (348 Camberwell New Road). An eclectic selection of old and new vinyl plus live music events - Dash the Henge is also a record label.

Aloha Dead live in store on 26th Nov 2022


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