Thursday, December 01, 2022

Farewell Nunhead Beer Shop

The Beer Shop in Nunhead Green is celebrating its 8th birthday this weekend, but sadly this will be its last as it will be closing this month. The landlord has declined to renew the lease and with plans to convert upstairs into a flat another bar there seems unlikely.

The place is always friendly and usually busy and will be greatly missed, as will its great selection of beers and ciders. 

Amidst the general gloom about pub closures I saw the Beer Shop as a sign of optimism. Sure some old boozers were disappearing but was it the end of the world if new spaces of alcohol-tinged sociality were springing up in places like, in this case, a former wool shop? But sadly the optimism seems to be misplaced - it seems that places that pop up can just as easily vanish at the whim of property owners, regardless of how valued they are by communities.

Any way so long Beer Shop folks and thanks for the cider, good luck with your future adventures.


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