Monday, April 20, 2009

BUG at Shunt

Brockley Ukulele Group are playing this Thursday night at the Shunt Lounge at London Bridge. If you've never been to this amazing place in the arches under London Bridge station before get along there now as it's closing in a couple of weeks to make way for the construction site for the Shard of Glass tower. It's £5 in, worth it just to wander around and check out various installations and have a drink, never mind the bonus of the famous SE4 strummers. The entrance is on Joiner Street SE1, opposite the tube station entrance. BUG will be on after 9 pm.

More details about Shunt here, plus a short film about the place below:

(just in case you are curious about the bear in the flyer above, it might just be a reference to a new number in the repertoire of SE London's premier English-Irish-Japanese-German-American ukulele band - 80s Swiss classic Eisbär)

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