Monday, April 27, 2009

New Cross vs. New York

The Metro has picked up on the New York Times travel feature on New Cross & Deptford (covered here at Transpontine a few weeks ago), with an article in today's paper noting that 'American tourists have been advised to check out the hottest must-see locations in London - er, Deptford and New Cross'. The Metro adds its own slant to the story by adding a list comparing New York and New Cross:

US: Plaza Hotel - UK: Novotel London Greenwich
US: Bowery Ballroom - UK: Goldsmiths Tavern, formerly featuring S&M "live whipping" shows named "Night Of The Cane"
US: Mayor Michael Bloomberg - UK: Labour MP and former deputy leadership contender Jon Cruddas
US: The New York Dolls - UK: Dire Straits
US: George Gershwin - UK: Jools Holland
US: David Letterman - UK: Danny Baker
US: Woody Allen's "Annie Hall" - UK: Gary Oldman's "Nil By Mouth"
US: John Lennon assassinated in 1980 - UK: Christopher Marlowe assassinated in 1591
US: Central Park - UK: Brookmill Park'
US: The Subway - UK: The Docklands Light Railway
US: Broadway - UK: The A2
US: Views and boat trips out to Staten Island - UK: Views and boat trips out to the Isle of Dogs '.

Hey they missed out, US: Brooklyn, UK: Brockley.

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