Thursday, April 30, 2009

Local movements

A few things to keep you busy, if you are so inclined:

Defend Education in Lewisham is supporting the occupation by parents protesting against the planned demolition of Lewisham Bridge Primary School.

At the New Den last weekend, supporters of the United Campaign Against Police Violence leafleted fans about the death of Ian Tomlinson -the Millwall fan killed by police during the G20 protests on April 1st. The family of Sean Rigg - who died in police custody in Brixton last year - also took part.

Bob from Brockley has the full details of next week's Strangers into Citizens rally for migrant rights in London, including the South London contingent from the Elephant.

Stop the Strip is a campaign against the lap dancing club at the White Hart in New Cross. They say 'This is not an anti-sex campaign but rather a campaign by a range of local people who are concerned about the establishment of these clubs in residential areas. We believe our area, New Cross, deserves better. Women working in modelling and sex industries are often treated poorly and their rights often breached. As a group we believe all workers have the right to Unionise and seek support when they are being exploited. We would extend support to any and all women working in the venue'.


Anonymous said...

Les "Mr Lewisham" would have been very pleased

I really thought the Met Police had moved forward

his death and comments the PC allegedly made on face book a disgrace

Anonymous said...

Perhaps Jacqui Smiths hubby may like to amble down to the White Hart to see what's on offer as it's almost his local when they stay in London (Ivydale Road) and I'm sure there are no receipts given so no embarrasment! Something to while away the time during those late sessions.

Anonymous said...

Leave the Tories to the public paying to clean their Castle moats and heli pads

Anonymous said... protest is today at 5pm

Bring it on....