Monday, June 06, 2011

Private education business

AC Grayling's proposed new private university in London, the New College of the Humanities, is already coming in for fierce opposition. Around 150 people attended a meeting today atUCL to launch a campaign against it, and Terry Eagleton and Nina Power have argued that it amounts to the thin edge of a dubious wedge of privatised higher education.

But can anybody throw any light on why the registered address for the New College of the Humanities Ltd is in Peckham at 15 Glengall Road, SE15 6NJ? Not sure many round there are in the target demographic for this self-styled elite institution, even if there are some rather plush houses at the Old Kent Road end of the street.

Meanwhile education staff are among those expected to join one of the biggest strikes in recent years later this month. On June 30th there will be a joint strike against changes to public sector pension, involving teachers, college and university staff from unions including PCS, UCU, NUT and ATL. Students and other anti-cuts activists are also expected to take solidarity action. South London Solidarity Federation have called a Lewisham Strike Assembly for tomorrow (Tuesday 7 June, 7:30 pm) to build support for the 30th June locally. It will take place in Room 143, Richard Hoggart Building (main building) at Goldsmiths. They say: 'Come and help organise for the biggest strike in recent memory on 30th June!'

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Anonymous said...

The NCH hasn't got premises yet - it will be renting rooms in University of London premises in Bloomsbury. So the company as it exists now is registered at someone's personal address.